Internet Safety Award


It is widely recognised that young people today are far more digitally literate than some of us ‘oldies’, and while we may marvel at their dexterity and ability to grasp new technology in a ‘nano’ second, young people do not always understand some of the risks that lurk on the internet. 

As Leaders in Scouting, we wouldn’t let the young people we are responsible for take part in an activity without assessing and managing the risks first. We wouldn’t expect them to go climbing for instance, without the use safety equipment. In Scouting we don’t say ‘you can’t go climbing because it is risky’, we help manage the risk by making the activity safe.

The internet can be a wonderful place, it provides children and young people with a wealth of opportunity for their entertainment, communication and education, but the risks on the internet can be wide and varied, from ‘Cyber stalking’ to ‘Cyber bullying’, from ‘online predatation’ to ‘offensive content’. So, if we think of the internet then as an activity or a place to visit, by encouraging young people to work for this badge, you are helping to empower young people in your section to manage their own risks and enjoy the internet safely.

Before undertaking this badge with the young people in your Section, it might be worth thinking about whether you are up to date with your own Safeguarding training.


The following links detail the Sectional requirements of the Internet Safety Award:-






The badge can be ordered from ScoutsCymru Headquarters by Badge Secretaries or section Leaders by calling 01446 795277. The badge should be worn on uniform as an occasional badge.