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Here you will discover the latest updates about the action-packed weekend in September, so don't forget to keep coming back on a regualr basis to see what's new.

Information for Units  - June 2015

Friday 18 Sep to Sunday 20 Sep 2015

Llandysul Paddlers Canoe Centre

The Wilkes Head Square

Pont Tyweli



SA44 4AA


Explorer Scouts  £35

Adults £10

Camping arrangements -


UPDATE 13TH JULY 2015..........

We’ve heard from a number of Leaders and Explorers that want to attend AWESOME2015:  Shipwrecked, who are finding it difficult to meet the 24 July payment deadline.  While we much prefer to have the full payment in by 24 July, to ensure everyone has the opportunity to attend AWESOME2015 we will accept a non returnable deposit of, £10/Explorer and £10/adult leader with the booking and the balance (final payment) being made by 12 September or before.

While it is very important that the 12 September final payment deadline is met,  If it does prove difficult for you, rather than miss the event, please contact the ScoutsWales office on 01446 795277.

As you will appreciate, while we are deferring payment and in true Scout fashion trusting everyone to honour their booking it also becomes difficult to increase numbers as we get closer to the event because some activities have fixed numbers.

We look forward to seeing you all soon

AWESOME2015:  Shipwrecked organising team


Friday 24 July 2015 is the deadline to make bookings for AWESOME 2015

You will be unable to create any bookings after this date.

Please note that after this date you will be liable to pay for the full cost of the booking, so please take the time to ensure numbers are correct.

Please also remember to complete all details IN FULL.  This option will still be available after the numbers deadline.


  • Units book individually online via website -
  • Units are responsible for their own camping and cooking arrangements, etc. but we can arrange for Units to camp next to each other if it helps to share Nights Away Permit holders


  • Zone 1 – Water

    How will you get around the islands you’re stranded on?  Can you escape back to civilisation?  How will you

    Zone 2 – Survival

    It’s hot and you need water desperately - how will make your drinking water?  How will you catch, prepare and cook your food?  What can you forage?

    Zone 3 – Escape and Evade

    You’re not alone on this island, how can you evade the indigenous life and gather the materials you need to survive and escape?



                  Site open from 5pm (no check-in before this time)

                  Leaders meeting 10.30pm

                  Site Quiet 11pm


                  Activities  9am – 12.30pm

                  Lunch  12.30pm – 1.30pm

                  Activities  1.30pm – 5pm

                  Evening activities  7pm – 10.45pm

                  Site Quiet  11pm


                  Activities  9am – 12.30pm

                  Closing Celeb ration  12.45pm – 1.15pm

                  Depart Site  1.30pm – 4pm


Adult support

  • Any adults attending the event with Units can volunteer to assist on bases and with site management coordination.

    If you have any particular skills that you’d like to offer please notify the AWESOME team when booking or use the links at the end of this page.


  • Payment information is available on the online booking system once a booking request has been completed.
  • Queries about payments should be directed to, quoting your Unit and Booking ID