Information for Leaders who want to run Archery

For all the Scout Association rules and fact sheets please go to:

The Scouting rules changed in January 2015 and the transitional rules for existing Archers ended on 31 December 2015.


All Archers now need an Adventurous Activity Permit for Archery.  

Do you want to become qualified to run archery?

Leaders who want to become Archers a summary:-

Scouting requires the Leader to follow the Adventurous Activity Permit Scheme and apply for an Adventurous Activity Permit for Archery. Your responsible Commissioner will issue the permit.

You need to show in the application what training and experience you have and the assessor may wish to meet with you when assessing your application. 


The best way to get the training and learn about the standards set by Archery GB is to attend an ‘Instructor Course’ run by for Archery GB. If you pass Archery GB will register you as an Archery Instructor.

Full details of the course can be found at:

Alternative training

Some archers may have extensive experience and can safely run an archery range even though they have not attended the Instructor Course. You should discus this with the Area/County Assessor who may agree to recommend an Adventurous Activity Permit for Archery.

Area/County Archery Assessors

Many Area/Counties have an assessor but if yours does not have one you can use one from a neighbouring Area/County.

The Assessor makes recommendations to a Commissioner of the suitability of your technical skills but does not issue the permit. A Commissioner issues the permit.