Register your Group

Step One

Contact ScoutsCymru headquarters on 01446 795277 or—you will need to provide:

· Contact name

· Postal address

· Telephone number

· Email address

· Group name

· The number of leaflets you think you can use effectively

You will be issued a four digit registration number– make a note of it, it’s important!

Step Two

When you receive the leaflets add your registration number to the box marked

‘For office use only:’ in the bottom left of the direct debit form

Step Three

Start promoting your lottery, think big and consider the people you could approach  from inside as well as outside Scouting. The more people you sign up the more your Group will benefit from the ScoutsWales lottery

To view frequently asked questions about the Lottery click here, alternatively contact ScoutsCymru headquarters on 01446 795277 or email.