ScoutsWales Lottery FAQs

ScoutsCymru Lottery

Frequently Asked Questions

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Should the Scout movement be encouraging gambling?

ScoutsCymru is not trying to promote gambling but provide an exciting and attractive opportunity for adults both within Scouting and the wider community to help support the adventure with the added bonus of the chance of winning a prize.

Does everyone have to do this?

Absolutely not, Groups and individuals have their own choices to make as to whether they participate. If a Group does not promote the lottery they will not receive money back from the lottery.

Will we be promoting this to youth members?

No. Although lotteries can be played legally by anyone 16 and older we strongly discourage the promotion of the lottery to Explorer Scouts. The appropriate audience for the lottery are adults within both Scouting and the wider community.

Who will the grant fund be for / what will it fund?

The finer details of what the grant will fund will be decided once we can estimate the amount of money accumulated.

Where does the other half of my pound go?

To Unity, the lottery management company- From this they cover their administration costs which amount to around 25 pence, the remaining 25 pence is used to cover prizes won. This means 50 pence in every pound goes to Scouting in Wales which compares favourably with the National Lottery where only 28 pence per pound is returned to good causes.

Does the lottery mean ScoutsCymru membership fee will go down?

No, the membership fee is entirely separate from the ScoutsCymru Lottery which has been designed as a simple way of generating a sustainable income for Scouting at a local and national level.

Why is ScoutsCymru running a lottery?

Last year, as a result of a change in policy by Welsh Government, ScoutsCymru was unable to secure continuing annual funding from the National Voluntary Youth Organisations grant resulting in a reduction in ‘core funding’ of just over £60,000. Following this loss the ScoutsCymru Board has set up a fundraising group to attempt to address this shortfall and look at alternative ways to fundraise sustainably. The lottery aims to contribute to the shortfall and is something ScoutsCymru can do that will help Scouting throughout Wales.

Why don’t we run our own lottery – why do we need Unity?

For two reasons; the first is that the ScoutsCymru do not have the staff time to manage administration, organisation and licensing of an in-house lottery. The second is that prizes must be distributed from ticket sales – as we are starting from scratch we do not have enough income to generate an attractive prize. Unity allows us to offer a £25,000 prize from day one.

Wouldn’t it be better if people just donated a pound each week to their local Group?

Yes! It would be much better if people donated a pound to their local Group. The Lottery is an incentive for people to donate, it also increases the chances they will donate each week, helping to generate sustainable income.

Why are ScoutsCymru getting a part of the proceeds?

ScoutsCymru undertake the distribution of proceeds to each Group which generates a significant amount of administration work. ScoutsCymru will use proceeds to improve the Lottery and help support the development work it undertakes across Wales.

What chance do I have of winning?

The odds of winning any prize are 1 in 63.

How do I sign up?

Phone or email the ScoutsCymru office, you will need to provide your name, contact numbers, a postal address and the Group you want to register. You will be given a four digit code which uniquely identifies your Group and means we can ensure you will receive your share of Lottery money.

Is Unity Lottery the same as Unity Scout Insurance?

No, it is coincidence that they share the same name. Unity is a Lottery product of Sterling Lotteries, you can find out more about them at

How does ScoutsCymru have £25,000 to give away as a prize?

It doesn’t. By working in partnership with Unity we join an existing lottery with more than 170 charity members from across the UK. It is only with this partnership we are able to offer such an attractive prize with no risk to ScoutWales.

Can our Young People (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers) buy tickets?

Not if they are aged 15 and under! Only persons aged 16 and over can take part in the lottery. We discourage promotion of the lottery to members under 18, it is only appropriate to encourage adults from inside both Scouting and the wider community to participate.