Democracy challenge


The Challenge has five areas including the requirement of taking part in an appropriate forum. This supports leaders running sectional forums. ADC’s/AAC’s should ensure provision of District and Area forums for Scouts and Explorer Scouts, allowing young people the opportunity to take part. In addition all participants must complete a recipe from The Democracy Cookbook published by The Electoral Commission, helping them to gain further insight into and information of the democratic process.

The Badge is a stand alone item, and although in some cases ties in with existing program ideas, is not intended to be a two for one offer! Rather the intention is young people are encouraged to explore the democratic processes of the United Kingdom, Wales and Local Authorities in order that they are better placed to make their own judgements in the future and take an appropriate part in democracy in society. The Badge is apolitical and is not, nor should be seen, as endorsing any one political party over another.

The badge can be ordered from ScoutsCymru Headquarters by Badge Secretaries or section Leaders by calling 01446 795277. The badge should be worn on uniform as an occasional badge.

The following links detail the sectional requirements of the Wales Democracy Challenge Badge.




Explorer Scouts

Record Cards

Democracy Cookbook

The National Assembly for Wales have provided a resource which contains some useful links to help support the Democracy Challenge Badge.

National Assembly for Wales resources