The Dragon Award

It’s tough, challenging and a big commitment - do you measure up to it?

The awards were redesigned in 2019 by the ScoutsCymru Programme Team. If you are working towards the old scheme the information can be found on this page, you have until the end of February 2020 to complete the award under the old scheme. If you wish to complete the new scheme please click here 

The idea is to sleep under canvas at least one night in each month of the year. You do not have to complete a stage within one calendar year, because, in some cases this may just not be possible. Spend as long as you want to get any part of the award but if you miss a month, you will have to wait until the same month next year to complete the missed night.

Don’t think it is a pushover, the Dragon Award is tough, challenging and requires a big commitment- do you measure up?

To gain each part of the Award (Bronze, Silver or Gold) you just have to camp one night each month under canvas or in a bivouac and the challenge will be to find as many different places to camp as possible. How about a camp that has the first night in one month, and the second night in another?

Remember, you can only start the Silver Award once you have completed and been awarded the Bronze Award and you can only start the Gold Award once you have completed and been awarded the Silver Award.

For the Silver Award you must complete 12 challenges from the list, one in each month of the year and for the Gold Award you must complete a further 12 challenges, these must be different to those challenges completed for the Silver Award and again, one in each month of the year.

When you have completed an award, you must send your completed record Card to your Assistant Area Commissioner, Dragon Award Co-ordinator or equivalent if outside Wales.

The record card must be checked and signed by one of the above people. This must then be sent to the ScoutsCymru Office who will double check all requirements have been met and issue the award badge.

A new card must be started for each Bronze, Silver and Gold award.

The badge is worn on the right sleeve just below the Patrol Badge. Only the highest Award should be worn on your uniform.  Badges are available and can be ordered from ScoutsCymru Headquarters on completion of Bronze, Silver or Gold Award.

Remember the Award is open to Scouts, Explorer Scouts, Network Members and adult members of Scouting. Anyone outside Wales can participate in the Award, but you will need permission from your DC to wear the badge on your uniform.

Further information regarding the rules and challenges

You can download the Bronze record card, Silver record card or Gold record card

Cost of badge (inc p&p) - £1.65 each - up to 10 badges only.

For orders of over 10 badges additional postal charges may apply.