World Mental Health Day - We have signed our pledge with Time To Change Wales

10th October 2019

At ScoutsCymru we believe that wellbeing and mental health is a huge part of the support that we provide to our young people and adult volunteers throughout their entire Scouting journey.

So, we are extremely proud to announce that we have signed our pledge with Time to Change Wales. The pledge is a public declaration that we as an organisation want to take a leading role in tackling mental health stigma and discrimination.

Resilience and being able to navigate your way through the ups and downs of life is just like having to navigate your way through the ups and downs of an expedition, taking part in activities or working with other adult volunteers. It truly is a skill for life whatever your age.

World Mental Health Day is a great time to share what we are doing and to encourage more people to join us as we grow Scouting in Wales and support more and more young people to be awesome.

The activities we take part in vary from small things like time our space at meetings and at camp, right through to working with people in our communities to improve our understanding of what we can do together to support each other.

Through A Million Hands groups have been supported by one of our partners, MindCymru, over the last few years working to stimulate conversations and provide help and support to both young people and volunteers to talk about mental health.

Also, as part of the A Million Hands programme, Scouts throughout Wales have worked through a series of challenges and activities that help them understand the importance of good mental wellbeing, the triggers that could indicate that they need to take time out to relax and nurture their wellbeing, as well as how to help those around them who maybe in distress.

Scouting is all about providing young people with suitable skills for life that help them be amazing, we know that good physical and mental health is critical, and that’s why we talk about it, challenge the stigma and shout about the importance of it all year round! This is why we are so proud to have re-signed the pledge to not only support our Scouts but also our communities as a whole.