Scouting ‘values’ keep stranded driver afloat in flooded Mid-Wales

29th October 2019

A Scouting Group Chair came to the aid of a stranded fellow Scout in Mid-Wales over the weekend.

Catrin Pink from Aberaeron, now living in Swindon, was travelling home from ScoutsCymru’s AGM in Llandrindod Wells on Saturday, when floods and bad weather caused her to become stranded in the dark in Mid-Wales.

Having contacted numerous local hotels, all of whom were full, Catrin, a ScoutsCymru Trustee, looked up the number of a local Scouting Group online and decided to call for assistance.

Catrin says: “Several roads were closed on my way back from Llandrindod Wells due to flooding, and those that weren’t closed were still ankle deep in water.

“I was guided through a deep patch of water by a police convoy in Crickhowell and noticed a strange sound as I drove away.

“I called my Dad for advice and thought I’d be ok to continue but the other side of the road was flooded welly-deep, the other main road too and the bridge impassable.

“I tried another side road but had to turn back due to the sheer volume of traffic on a single-track lane.”

Now dark, with potentially waterlogged breaks and no guaranteed route home, Catrin contacted local hotels which were all full.

Faced with either a cold, lonely night in the car or a very long detour with a car making a strange noise, Catrin didn’t know where to turn: “I didn’t know anyone local but I found a number on the Crickhowell and Llangattock Scouts Group page and rang it with nothing to lose.”

The call was answered by Karen Jones, the Chair of the Crickhowell and Llangattock Scouts Group Executive Board, who came to the assistance of the stranded driver.

Catrin continued: “Karen answered and immediately offered me a bed at her house. 

“I found my way there and was immediately offered food, cups of tea, a nightie and she ensured me I was sensible not to continue with my journey.”

By morning Catrin’s route was clear for her to continue her journey: “After leaving Karen, who told me to call by anytime, I stopped in a supermarket for some snacks and noticed my front tyre looked flat.

“On closer inspection I found a screw and washer embedded in my tyre.

“Being daytime, I was able to get it replaced straight away and only add half an hour to my journey but I noticed the strange noise in my car had then stopped so it must have been caused by the screw embedded in the tyre.

“Had I not had somewhere to stay I would have risked driving back to Swindon the previous night, through floods and down the motorway on a punctured tyre that I would not have noticed in the dark- a very scary thought.

“Karen and her family were the true embodiment of Scouting and community values. 

“I feel so privileged to be part of an organisation that is so willing to help people and expect nothing in return.

“I’m so grateful for their kindness and hope I can repay it someday.”