Meet Russell Williams - a ScoutsCymru volunteer

4th June 2019

It’s Volunteering week and we are so grateful to our volunteers for their continued hard work. 

So, we will be profiling one volunteer a day over the course of the week in celebration! Next up we have Russell Williams, 54, from Flintshire with his Group situated in the Vale of Clwyd, Denbighshire.


What do you do outside of Scouting?

“I am an Engineering Draughtsman with Ifor Williams Trailers.”

Role & group? GSL 1st Carmel?

“My role is GSL 1st Carmel.”

What does your role involve?

“My main role is managing the Group. At the moment I have to be actively involved in all three of our sections to keep them running.”

Do you hold any other roles within Scouting?

“Yes, I am also a Training Adviser.”

Time volunteering?

“I currently do 10-12 hours a week, not including weekend activities”

What got you into volunteering for ScoutsCymru?

“The group were short of leaders at the time and I wanted to make sure both my lads benefited from the Scouting Experience.”

Why do you continue to volunteer?

“I still really enjoy what I’m doing, and it gets me out of the house.”

What’s the best bit about being a ScoutsCymru volunteer?

“You get to meet some interesting people from different backgrounds, and you get opportunities to try new things.”

What’s been a highlight during your time as a volunteer?

“There have been a few, but if I have to pick one, I would be spending 3 days canoeing down the River Wye.”

In your opinion, how does scouting give young people skills for life?

“It helps to build confidence, improves social skills, improves teamwork, and gets them to try new things.”

What are your favourite activities?

“My favourite activities are walking, cycling, abseiling, fire lighting”

What skills have you learned by volunteering?

“Communication, team working, organisation, patience.”

What three words would you use to describe volunteering for ScoutsCymru?

“Keeps you active!”

How would you sell volunteering at ScoutsCymru to someone who isn’t a volunteer?

“Volunteering in scouting gives you the chance to use and build on existing skills, as well as learn and experience new ones. It also gives you the opportunity to have a go at various activities, including some beyond what you may have thought of doing before.”