Meet Joseph Murphy - Deputy Chief Commissioner

10th October 2019

Look who’s joined ScoutsCymru! Introducing Joseph Murphy, one of our two new Deputy Chief Commissioners. We’ve had a busy summer recruiting new volunteers to add to Team Cymru. Joseph will help volunteers develop their own leadership skills and work together to support local teams to help young people be amazing and develop the skills that set them up for life.

We caught up with Jospeh to learn a little bit about him and why he is the perfect fit for the job.

Where are you from?

I’m from Cardiff.  

Who do you work for outside of Scouts and in what role?

Outside of Scouting I'm a Senior Business Manager for digital innovation company Simply Do Ideas and co-founder of Global Choices at the University of South Wales, a series of high-profile public talks, and TEDxNeathPortTalbot.

What is your career background?

I was previously a senior leader in a preparatory military college managing centres and leading large teams in the delivery of experiential, accredited training (ages 11-18) and separately as a Schools and Colleges Officer, connecting external stakeholders and young people to Higher Education.

Were you a Scout when you were younger?

No, I wasn’t a Scout, but it is an organisation I have highly respected for a number of years.

Why did you want to become involved in Scouting?

Scouting sets challenging expectations of its members, and these are values that I share, particularly trust, loyalty and courage. I want to invest in organisations that nurture these values holistically and for the long term.

I’m a proud Welshman with an outward looking perspective. I have benefited from a robust education system, excellent employment opportunities and a supportive community and I’m now in a position to give back so that others may benefit too. Growth is my passion, and through personal drive and professional expertise, I can support the growth of ScoutsCymru and in turn, grow as a person also.

What will your role as Deputy Chief Commissioner involve?

The key aspects of my role as Deputy Commissioner will revolve around supporting the development and implementation of the ScoutsCymru Strategy.

What do you hope to achieve in your new role and for Scouting in Wales?

As Deputy Chief Commissioner, I hope to support the organisation in providing a quality service, as well as supporting the development of volunteers. I will provide strategic insight, coaching and practical support to groups or districts that need to manage, grow their pipeline and/or diversify their membership. And I will also support the vision of ScoutsCymru by reaching and influencing senior colleagues that can connect with it.

How do you think your professional career will benefit your role within Scouting?

As an experienced leader and growth expert, I hope to bring my business experience to my new role to grow and diversify the ScoutsCymru membership and volunteer base.