Llangollen District Beavers complete the relaunched Welsh Beaver Awards

23rd July 2019
Llangollen Beavers learning Welsh songs around the campfire

The Welsh Beaver, Cub and Scout Awards were relaunched by ScoutsCymru in January of this year and have been completed for the first time by the Llangollen District Beavers.

The North Wales contingent completed the award over the course of one day with a range of Welsh themed activities.

The award revamp has meant that the process of completion is now more flexible, and the badge list has been updated.

The updated badges include; Wales in the past, Wales in the future, Our culture, Where we live and Things to do.

To achieve these badges there are a range of activities that must be completed to encourage young people to learn about, and immerse themselves in, Welsh culture and heritage.

25 Beavers and eight leaders from the Llangollen District Beavers took part in the completion of the new award.

On the day, the group took part in a range of activities which included learning how to craft the emblematic Love Spoon, learning Welsh songs, making Welsh cakes and exploring local landmarks with a 3D map that they created.

Debbie Fullard, Assistant District Commissioner of Llangollen and District, said: “With the awards being updated this year we felt it was the perfect time to take part. The new flexibility meant we could gather the Beavers together and run the activities over the course of one day which worked really well.

“The Beavers and the Leaders that took part thoroughly enjoyed the day. We were able to visit landmarks such as Chirck Castle and everyone took part in activities that were quintessentially Welsh such as making (and eating!) Welsh cakes and playing Rugby.

“It really was a fantastic day for everyone involved and we are extremely proud to be the first group in Wales to complete the new award.”

Kay Holmes, Deputy Commissioner Programme 6-14, said: “We are really pleased that the updates we have made to the Welsh Beaver, Cub and Scout Awards have been well received and that the relaunch has been a success. The Llangollen District Beavers did a fantastic job with their entry and we are delighted that they are the first group to complete the award successfully.

“We hope that the new criteria will encourage more groups and young people to learn about and take pride in our rich heritage. We can’t wait to see the future entries from groups all over Wales!”

For more information about the relaunched awards visit this link.