NEW Dragon Award

Dragon Award - meeting the challenge during the Coronavirus Covid-19 Stay At Home restrictions

The Government requires everyone where possible to stay at home. Consequently, we have relaxed all the Dragon Award requirements covering camping in the back garden or using different locations until September 2020.  Any camp in the back garden will count towards the award.

Where participants still want to actively camp and meet the existing Award requirements, once Government requirements are relaxed, we will allow participants to camp several times in the following months to backfill the months they missed.

For the Bronze Award, Leaders know their young people best and where circumstances prevent a participant from camping in the back garden, then camping indoors is a good alternative, the challenge could be to perfectly pitch a tent in the house without tent pegs or build their own shelter.

The Silver and Gold Award challenges can include additional activities found in the Great Indoors,  developing ScoutsCymru Great Indoors in Wales, and any other local resources.

Examples include:

  • Taking part in a group virtual camp in your garden. You camp in your garden on the same night that other Scouts in your Group camp in their gardens.
  • Take part in a national virtual camp in your garden. You camp in your garden on the same night that other Scouts not in your Group camp in their gardens.
  • Camp in your garden for 3 nights in a row in a month.
  • Build a shelter in your garden and camp in it for a night and make or cook breakfast outside.

If you are doing the Gold Award and want to undertake some new Stay at Home challenges, please contact ScoutsCymru by emailing with your Stay at Home Dragon Award plan.  We can agree your Stay at Home challenges that best fits your local circumstances with you.

We are asking everyone who comes up with a fantastic Stay at Home idea for the Dragon Award to let us know, so we can share it with everyone.

The Dragon Award recognises the importance of outdoor nights away experiences for our Young People. These experiences include camping, bivouacs, and expeditions in different, challenging and sometimes unusual  environments throughout the year.

This Award encourages Scout Troops, Explorer Scout Units, Scout Network and their Leaders to camp more in unfamiliar places. This Award recognises the contribution camping makes to building successful teams and the effort young people and their leader teams make in achieving our top awards.

There are three Dragon awards - Bronze, Silver and Gold that each have different challenges built around achieving the top awards and having fun.

For each award you must camp in every month of the year and this can be spread over several years. There is no time limit for each award.

The awards were redesigned in 2019 by the ScoutsCymru Programme Team. If you are working towards the old scheme the information can be found here, you have until the end of February 2020 to complete the award under the old scheme. 

In our recent review of the Dragon Award we had a fantastic response generating a lot of ideas for the new Dragon Award. The ScoutsCymru Programme Team would like to thank all those who contributed and hope you can see your idea in the new Award. The team hope you enjoy the new Dragon Award and your nightsaway and camping experience scouting in Wales.

Dragon Award Programme Pack (All three levels)

Example Photolog

Bronze Record Card

Silver Record Card

Gold Record Card 

Gold Request Form 


If you have any questions or queries please contact ScoutsCymru Headquarters by emailing or calling 01446 795277