Spring ML Training weekend, Scout Permit Hillwalking and Scout Permit Climbing Courses

Fri 21st Apr - Sun 23rd Apr 2017

2nd of 3 Spring Mountain Leader Training weekends along with Scout Hillwalking Permit training and assessment and Scout Rock Climbing Permit training and assessment courses.

To book online, follow the links: -

ML Training - http://www.yr-hafod.org.uk/mltrain

Scout Permit Hillwalking Training - http://www.yr-hafod.org.uk/hwtrain

Scout Permit Hillwalking Assessment - http://www.yr-hafod.org.uk/hwasses

Scout Permit Climbing Training - http://www.yr-hafod.org.uk/climbtrain

Scout Permit Climbing Assessment - http://www.yr-hafod.org.uk/climbasses