The 33rd River Wye Canoe Cruise

Fri 29th Apr - Mon 2nd May 2016

An event open to Scouts, Explorers and Leaders on May bank holiday weekend. The purpose of the event is to encourage expeditioning by canoe or kayak and provides approximately 35 miles of canoeing between Hoarwithy near Hereford and Monmouth over three days. Different campsites are used each night and the opportunity exists for paddlers to travel as completely self-contained units carrying all their equipment in their craft thus removing the need for vehicle support. Alternatively, paddlers may be supported by their own road party which can take care of their kit and enable them to paddle lightly loaded boats carrying only the day’s needs. Where drivers wish to paddle, minibus transport is provided to ferry them to or from their vehicles.

All paddlers for this event should be competent on moving water and have sufficient stamina to cope with a daily journey of some 15 miles. All paddlers or groups should provide all their own canoeing and camping equipment. Kayaks and canoes will be inspected by qualified coaches prior to being allowed on the water, and should be registered with their Scout District or Area. Canoeing helmets are needed for Symonds Yat rapids on the Sunday. Qualified, permit holding coaches are available if necessary to accompany any group on the water, please let us know in advance.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide the BBQ lunch service on this year's Wye Cruise.

The ScoutsCymru Expedition Award will be presented to all those paddlers who, during the weekend, paddle the full distance of the Wye Cruise carrying all their equipment, inc food and water in their canoe or kayak, thus travelling as a completely self-contained unit. Storing of kit in a vehicle, to be retrieved during the cruise, invalidates the award. Any paddler wishing to attempt the award should make this known to their river leader before setting out on Saturday morning.


Participants: £28.00 per person.

Service Crew: £18.00 per person.

Additional parking costs will be incurred.

Book and pay at least 14 days prior to the event to receive the early bird discount?

Early bird discount closes midnight 14/03/2016

Particpants: £23.00 per person

Service Crew: £13.00 per person

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