Shooting information

Target shooting is an Olympic,Paralympic and Commonwealth Games sport and IS also a bone-fide Scouting Activity. 

There are Scout Activity Shooting Clubs throughout the UK plus many others run by Scouters that are open to the public.


National Small-bore Rifle Association, Youth Proficiency Scheme, Tutor Training Courses - Delivered by Scouters for Scouters   

The course is a over 2 days and “both days” must be attended to qualify for the diploma.

On the 3rd week end in October the National Scout Championships take place in Bisley with around 800 entries.

Many Scout Campsites run ranges as is done for the All Wales Scout Camp and AWESOME where there is always a big demand for this activity.


Badges that can be achieved through Shooting are:- 


  • Scouts can qualify for the Master at Arms Badge
  • Explorer Scouts can qualify in Physical Recreation section alternative
  • option C Master at Arms
  • Skills section Marksmanship in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Both sections can qualify for the National Small-bore Rifle Association’s Youth Proficiency Scheme with 4 badges Skilled shot / Marksman / Expert shot / Master Shot

For this they complete a similar course to the adult course and then demonstrate their new skills with a mini competition to obtain scores.

The course teaches the Scouts about the Law as Target shooting is the only sport governed by the law. 

Safety is taught 1st Safety is taught 2nd and Safety is reinforced 3rd. 

The National Governing Body is the National Small bore Rifle Association or NSRA . 

Refer :- Factsheets> FS120004 Target Shooting> FS120000 Risk Assessment> FS120075 In Touch. Please note that Fact sheet 120004 and the Parents Permission to Shoot Form have been updated in January 2019. The fact sheet can be found here.

Policy, Organisation and Rules for Shooting Rule 9.1Activity Rules, 9.2 Preparations, 9.3 In Touch, 9.4 Risk Assessment, 9.5 Emergency Procedure, 9.9 Use of Professional Centers and Instructors Rule & 9.37 Shooting.


If you are interested in becoming qualified to run Air Rifle Shooting as a Scout Activitity and for further details please contact:-

Nigel Cole * Tel 07415 676576

Email :- or

Richie Phillips * Tel 01446 748688

Email:- or

* County Coaches

Please note that we can offer laser rifle shooting for Groups where the meeting place may not be suitabe for air gun shooting.