Orienteering Information

Orienteering is a challenging outdoor adventure sport that exercises both the mind and the body. The aim is to navigate between control points marked on a unique orienteering map and decide the best route to complete the course in the quickest time. It does not matter how young, old or fit you are as you can run, walk or jog the course and progress at your own pace.

Orienteering can take place anywhere from remote forest and countryside to urban parks and school playgrounds. The most challenging orienteering takes place in areas that have demanding terrain and few paths.

To start orienteering all you need is a sense of adventure and a pair of trainers. It's a great sport for runners, joggers and walkers who want to improve their navigation skills or for anyone who loves the outdoors.

As a new activity for scouting we hope to develop the sport by providing CATI (come and try it) days, initially in Mid Wales where we have several mapped areas, some of which are in forestry and open moorland.

It is hoped that formal coaching sessions could be arranged for those who wish to take up the sport and if there is sufficient interest, inter area competitions.


Orienteering Events

All Wales Scouts Orienteering Competition 2020