23rd October 2018

We are delighted to announce that Rhian Moore will shortly be joining Team UK as the newly appointed Chief Commissioner of Wales

Joining the Movement in 2012, Rhian’s Scouting journey is perhaps less conventional than most. Unlike 90% of our adult volunteers, she had no prior connections with Scouting (besides a brief childhood stint as a Brownie).

4th September 2018


There's still time to register your Group to take part in the All Wales Scouts Orienteering Competition which is taking place on the 23rd September.  

The closing date for entries is 10th September

More detailed information can be found here.

16th July 2018

The ScoutsCymru vacancies site (vacancies.scoutscymru.org.uk) attracts more than 250 applicants annually.

The vast majority of these are adults who have a genuine interest in giving their time to support Scouting as section leaders, trustees and managers.

We want to place as many of these people into appropriate Scouting roles as possible. Each new volunteer helps us to offer Skills for Life to more young people across Wales.